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Accelerating Your Software Build – A Customer Experience

By Carlos Almeida | Published September 30th, 2011
Electric Cloud

Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC):
Your software compile turn-around time is one of the key metrics which determine your organization’s productivity. Long builds equate to fewer opportunities (lower number of available cycles) to be able to add new features and focus on quality. The following describes one of our customer experiences in helping to accelerate their software build system.

Top Data Analysts Must ‘Speak the Language of the Business’

By Spotfire Blogging Team | Published September 30th, 2011

data analysts must speak the language of business photo (bi training)Analytics professionals do best if they can succeed in three types of skills: technical, business thinking and “intangibles,” according to Kaiser Fung (@junkcharts), Vice President of Strategic Analytics at Sirius XM Radio, and the author of Numbers Rule Your World: The Hidden Influence of Probability and Statistics on Everything You Do.

How HVAC Professionals Used LinkedIn Over the Summer

By Goodway Blogging Team | Published September 29th, 2011
Over the summer, LinkedIn’s HVAC professionals group posted many interesting discussions, some of which generated lively debates amongst its members.  Typically, this group of 15,805 professionals discusses diverse HVAC topics, such as energy efficiency, best practices, professional development, as well as specific products and manufacturers. As we begin our roundup of the group’s summer activity, [...]

How to Monitor Your APC UPS Units – Part 1

By Brad Tinder | Published September 29th, 2011

Picture your ideal company technological infrastructure. Servers to handle day to day tasks, servers to do engineering IT infrastructure managementsimulations, network equipment to handle communication, network-attached storage for your company critical data, and last but not least, uninterruptible power supplies otherwise known as UPS. It’s a given that you will probably have monitoring setup on your servers, network equipment and even your network attached storage, but what about the UPS units? These definitely can be monitored, but it requires a bit of setup. In this 2 part post series, I’ll be detailing how SPK and Associates does monitoring of APC-based UPS units as part of our infrastructure support services.

Breaking Down Data Silos to Help Drive BI Collaboration

By Spotfire Blogging Team | Published September 29th, 2011

breaking down data silos collaboration 300x221 photo (business analytics)According to a recent Aberdeen Group report, 53% of companies are seeing spikes in the number of line-of-business leaders who require analytical capabilities. But as the Aberdeen report goes on to detail, a key challenge for many organizations is the ability to develop the context and expertise necessary to use timely information and transform it into meaningful business insight.

The Power of Cloud-based BI and Analytics

By Spotfire Blogging Team | Published September 28th, 2011

TIBCO SILVER SPOTFIRE 2.0 300x168 photo (bi in the cloud)Thanks to the exponential growth in the use of unstructured data by companies, including social customer data, many decision-makers are wrestling with the most effective ways to analyze real-time data quickly and effectively.

Ease-of-Use Key to Consumerization of BI

By Spotfire Blogging Team | Published September 27th, 2011

ease of use BI software1 300x225 photo (bi and ipad)Conventional BI, it seems, has a New Year’s resolution problem. As with eating better and working out more, everyone agrees that BI is a great idea, and resolves to put it to work. But the resolutions don’t last past January, or even past the first week.

Big Data Analytics Versus Your Own Lying Eyes

By Spotfire Blogging Team | Published September 26th, 2011

Big Data Analytics v.s. eyeball test 213x300 photo (big data)If making it in Hollywood means you have arrived, then data analytics has arrived. Only a few months after social networking hit the big screen, analytics made its debut with Moneyball, belting out an opening weekend take of $20 million.

Moneyball & the Analytics of a Red Sox Playoff Panic

By Spotfire Blogging Team | Published September 23rd, 2011

Analytics of a Red Sox Playoff Panic photo (predictive analytics)Today is the debut of the movie all baseball data analytics fans have been waiting for – Moneyball. We’ve pulled together some interesting data on the movie and we have some analysis on the likelihood of the Red Sox making it to the playoffs next month.

The Key to Analytics Success: Savvy Analysts, Quality Data and Effective Tools

By Spotfire Blogging Team | Published September 22nd, 2011

Competing on Data or Analytics 300x117 photo (data analytics careers)A recent Harvard Business Review blog suggests that successful analytics efforts are largely based on the quality and the uniqueness of the data that’s used and less dependent upon the people and programs that are used to make sense of the information. While the quality of the data that’s used is absolutely essential to achieving successful outcomes, what ultimately delivers superior results is a careful blending of the right data, tools, and people skills.