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A Facility Manager’s Guide to Understanding Scale and Why You Have It

By GoodwayEditor | Published February 27th, 2018
A Facility Manager's Guide to Understanding Scale When looking for efficiency killers in your plant, scale build-up in your hydronic equipment can be an obvious culprit. Facilities that use water for cooling and heating or power generation are most susceptible to the kind of heavy scaling that can reduce productivity. This is seen in pump pressure increases, approach temperature increases, and an […]

How the Increased Use of HVAC In Winter Creates More Allergen Buildup

By Paul Salvaggio | Published February 15th, 2018
The results are in and according to groundhog legend, we’re in for a few more weeks of winter. That’s not welcomed news for some in this country as snowstorms have already extended into regions of the country rarely experiencing anything but the odd flurry. Hazardous weather keeps many people indoors for days and sometimes weeks, […]

How Engineers Used Twitter During SolidWorks World 2018

By paul | Published February 12th, 2018

Last week, SolidWorks held its annual conference SolidWorks World 2018 in Los Angeles where 5,000+ engineers, manufacturers, educators and enthusiasts attended. Those who could not attend streamed the conference sessions online and engaged using the official twitter hashtag #SWW18. Here’s a roundup of the hashtag happenings over the course of the event.

Why Disinfecting Schools May Require Industrial Grade Disinfectants

By Goodway Blogging Team | Published February 8th, 2018
Disinfecting Schools May Require Industrial Grade Disinfectants This flu season is one of the worst in over a decade, and our schools have seen the worst of it. Unlike previous seasons, the current strains of influenza are affecting seemingly healthy young people, even those that have had a flu shot. At least 9 schools in Texas have closed for at least one […]

The Importance of Duct Cleaning for Indoor Air Quality

By GoodwayEditor | Published February 2nd, 2018
The Importance of Duct Cleaning for Indoor Air Quality This winter could break temperature and snowfall records across the country. For most of us, staying inside is the only defense. Avoiding the outdoors may keep us safe from dangerous weather, but we face another danger from the inside. The air quality inside a building begins to worsen when there are less fresh outdoor air […]