About Us

Who we are

Read Generation is a service of Backbone Media, Inc.. We are a network of Search Engine Optimization specialists, blogging experts, and professional writers with the sole purpose of generating high quality content (reads) optimized to attract qualified traffic from search engines (leads).

Effective Search Engine Optimization requires:

  1. A steady stream of fresh, relevant content
  2. Quality inbound linking and internal linking
  3. Compliant optimized website architecture

In our eighteen year history, we have found that companies face challenges every step of the way in achieving favorable SEO results. The most difficult hurdle for businesses to overcome is new content development. The reason for this is that the burden to produce content often falls on the shoulders of an already over-stretched marketing team, executive or in-house expert.

We thought: what if there was a way to develop and publish high quality, optimized blog content for companies on a consistent basis so that they can achieve blogging results at a reasonable cost? We decided to leverage our expertise in SEO and blogging strategy and tap expert bloggers and professional writers we have worked with over the years. That is how Read Generation came to be and why we are in the best position to achieve results for your company.

About Backbone Media, Inc.

Founded in 1996, Backbone Media, Inc. was one of the first search engine optimization firms. As a pioneer in the field of SEO, Backbone has been helping companies improve search engine rankings, strengthen their web presence and increase Internet marketing ROI for over 18 years. Today, Backbone specializes in search engine marketing, web site design, web site application development and corporate blogging strategies.

Backbone Media, Inc. is headquartered in Westborough, MA. USA. For more information, please visit www.backbonemedia.com.