Frequently Asked Questions

How do you come up with interesting things to write about that will draw my target audience to the website?

  • First we try to hone in on a set of keywords and long tail phrases that are likely to deliver qualified prospects to the site via search.
  • Once we have the keywords we present you with a scope of topics we will cover and draft a number of sample headlines.
  • We review these topics and headlines with you until we settle on a content marketing strategy that matches up well with your stated goals.

Who will be writing the content for our blog?

We have an established network of over 1000 professional US based writers. Each writer’s background includes extremely strong English and grammar skills, along with experience with journalism, or marketing communications. Our network of writers includes many with niche expertise in fields such as software development, health and medical, architecture, manufacturing and more.

How do you choose who will write for our blog?

Your writers will be chosen based on the content marketing strategy, paired with the writer’s area of expertise.

Will there be more than one writer?

In most cases we will have at least two writers developing content for your content marketing project.

How do you ensure the quality and authenticity of the content?

There will always be a senior editor managing the content production and approval process. You will never see a piece of content unless it has been proofed by the senior editor first.

If we hire your service can we still add our own content to the blog?

We encourage you to add as much relevant content as you can. In the first phase we will evaluate your in-house resources and make recommendations on the best strategy to leverage internal personnel.

Who owns the content?

You own the exclusive rights to the content once it is published into the pre-agreed website and the bill has been paid in full. We strongly discourage duplicating content either within a single domain or across multiple domains or media as duplicate content is frowned upon by search engines, lessening the strength of your SEO strategy.