How Our Content Marketing Strategy Works

Process Overview

We start with a conversation about your business, learning about your website performance goals, target audience(s) and keyword universe. You select the service level, and then we collaborate to create a three to six month content strategy. Each article is written by an expert writer and optimized by a search engine optimization specialist. All articles are reviewed for editorial quality before being sent to you. Finished articles are submitted ready to go live. All you do is approve and publish or send back to us for revisions.

If you need a blog we can help you set that up too. No problem. We’ve helped dozens of serious companies launch their blogs and we can do the same for your business.

Our Typical Content Marketing Process:

  • Outline content marketing goals Understand your target audience(s) and keyword/topic focus. What are the goals for thought leadership, leads, search rankings, traffic? Your company’s goals will direct our blog writing process by defining a content marketing strategy based on your company’s specific needs.
  • Choose a service level 5, 10, 20 or 30 articles per month. We find the best results come with consistent publication and promotion of quality content — a minimum of one post a week is required for content marketing success.
  • Develop a content strategy Brainstorm target audience pain points, analyze data for keyword focused content. Develop an editorial calendar based around topics, industry trends and events important to your readers.
  • Recruit expert writers Search the United States for expert writers with deep knowledge of your industry. We generally hire two expert writers to ensure the maximum quantity and quality of your blog posts. Clients are given the chance to approve all writers before publication.
  • Edit articles A search engine optimization and content editing expert will edit for quality before sent to you for approval. We will strategically interlink internal and external pages within the content. Finished articles are submitted ready to go live. You will either approve and publish, or send back to us for revisions.
  • Promote the Post As a companion service, Read Generation may also produce social media messaging about the article (via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) We will post your content through predefined social channels while adding relevant, targeted, and SEO-friendly messaging to compliment and increase the effectiveness of your content.
  • Tracking & Analysis Measurement and reporting can also be provided to you on a monthly basis. We will work with your internal marketing department to develop a list of key performance indicators (KPIs) on which Backbone will report upon on a weekly or monthly basis. Strategic consulting available upon request.