Social Media Marketing / Engagement

Influencers Thrive on Fresh Relevant Content – Feed Them!

We view each new article that is created for your content strategy as a golden ticket to create a little buzz by engaging within targeted social media groups. When a new article is published, it will set off a series of promotional activities per the scope of your project.


Promotion: When a new blog post is published it will trigger an automatic post to your Twitter account(s). In addition, our social media manager will schedule varied a variety of tweets using content from the article throughout the week.

Engagement: We’ll build your account’s following by retweeting, favoriting, and following Twitter users and influencers in your industry on a daily basis. We also monitor for comments and alert you when a company reply is needed.


Promotion: Our social media manager promotes the content on your company’s LinkedIn page. We also will identify, join and monitor a number of the most active groups that attract digital marketing professionals and other target audiences. When relevant articles are posted to your site, the group list will be reviewed, and a determination will be made as to which groups should be targeted to promote your content.

Engagement: We’ll keep an eye out for opportunities for discussion and thought leadership comments and alert you when a company reply is needed.


Promotion: We promote content daily, scheduling promotional messages as they come out both on the company page and in G+ communities.

Engagement: Our social media manager identifies the influencers in your industry and adds them to your circles on a daily basis. We continue to +1 relevant industry posts and identify comment opportunities in order to keep you active in industry discussions.

Other channels we can promote: Youtube, Facebook, etc.