The Heart of IoT: Data Analytics

By Ernesto Ongaro | Published February 3rd, 2016

Every large-scale technological breakthrough is often accompanied by a data delivery breakthrough. This has been true in the past and we are living through another shift. Lets take a quick stroll through history to understand this evolution, to where we are today, and what the future holds.11

Fast Data: A Process, Not A Product

By Steve Hurn | Published February 2nd, 2016

Innovation and entrepreneurship course through the veins of TIBCO. Its visionary DNA is compounded by a heritage that boasts a number of firsts, from trailblazing the enterprise software market to digitizing Wall Street in the 80s.

Why The New App Economy Needs Managed APIs

By Maurizio Canton | Published February 1st, 2016

In my last blog, I talked about how Fast Data technologies were enabling businesses to move beyond simply failing faster to failing better. This time I want to turn the discussion on its head and examine how a fundamental shift in the way companies source, deploy, and generally use business applications is affecting IT. More specifically I want to look at the pressing need for applications to exchange and share information and where managed API services fit into that equation. 

Strategies for Building the Next Generation Analytics Program

By Jennifer Walsh | Published January 29th, 2016

As data complexity and volume grow, the one-dimensional output of traditional business intelligence systems is only painting half of the picture. While ERP and CRM solutions continue to play an important role in decision-making, they must be complemented with other forms and sources of data such as unstructured and end-user data to complete the picture.

Yakult’s New Product Sales in the Netherlands Increase 15 to 20% with Spotfire

By Ann Scheuerell | Published January 28th, 2016

Yakult is the world’s leading probiotic beverage, created in Japan and produced by Yakult Honsha, the world’s pioneer in probiotics. In the first few years after Yakult came to Europe, sales grew steadily. But suddenly, after competitors began to enter the market, something surprising happened. “We had an extraordinary sales increase, especially in the Netherlands”, says Yakult Market Analyst Egbert Jan Vierkant.

TIBCO NOW 2016: An Out-of-this-World Experience

By Chelsea Lorenzen | Published January 27th, 2016

Recognized as one of NASA’s most brilliant engineers, award-winning rocket scientist Adam Steltzner will speak at TIBCO NOW 2016. The team lead for landing the Mars rover Curiosity, Adam will share his unique perspective on human curiosity, collaborative innovation, and achieving the impossible.