A Process-oholic’s Guide to TIBCO NOW

By Rachel Brennan | Published April 27th, 2016

Earlier this year I came out as a Process-oholic and made some resolutions for 2016:

Creating and Deploying a Docker Image

By Brad Tinder | Published April 26th, 2016

docker-imageIn my last blog post, I introduced Docker and all of the potential it gives you to manage your DevOps infrastructure. In this post, I’m going to get a bit more hands on and show you how easy it is to setup an application, create a Docker image of it, and then how to deploy it to as many servers or Docker instances as you like!

CEM Top Ten #6: Creativity and Innovation Are Not in a Battle with Data and Analytics

By David Rosen | Published April 26th, 2016
Data and analytics allow each element of marketing capability to thrive.

In this era of digital transformation, there has been a lot of discussion about the role of traditional brand marketing in today’s organizations. Lists of “most important skills for marketers” routinely rank skills like big data, data analytics, data visualization, predictive targeting, mobile technology, coding, and UI expertise at or near the top for both new college graduates and CMOs.

Microservices and Containers in the Middleware World

By Kai Waehner | Published April 25th, 2016

The IT world is moving forward fast. I blogged about TIBCO’s “Cloud First and Docker” vision a few months ago: Docker Containers in the TIBCO Universe. Today, in April 2016, many customers have already adopted containers and cloud-native architectures or are in the process of adoption. It is time for an update about the relevance of microservices, containers, docker, and cloud-native architectures in the middleware world.

Musing the Chasms IoT Must Cross

By Rajiv Mistry | Published April 22nd, 2016

felhosEvery major cloud vendor is offering IoT platforms in varying degrees of maturity now. Device management, performance metrics, messaging, sensor data analytics are becoming systematized and offered in solution templates. Every developer I talk to is looking at the opportunity at hand in enabling devices to connect and transfer data to cloud IoT systems.

Something Old, Something New… Why Should We All Consider Integration?

By Steve Hurn | Published April 22nd, 2016

We’re in a world that never stands still; where a thirst for change is bringing us to the brink of a Fourth Industrial Revolution and the convergence of the digital, human, and physical worlds. It’s why digital business transformation is setting the agenda, promising the kind of shape-shifting revolution that will wipe the slate clean and shake up the existing infrastructure with something slicker, faster, and sexier.