Safe Food and the People Problem

By Goodway Blogging Team | Published August 25th, 2015
Safe Food and the People Problem How does food get contaminated? It’s easy to point fingers at sub-par technology or handling machines that are past their prime, but according to Food Safety News there’s an even bigger problem: People. Why? Because at some point during the journey from single component to final product all food items are handled in some manner […]

Tips for Better Content Marketing Strategy with Data Visualization

By Spotfire Blogging Team | Published August 24th, 2015

In a world driven by data, marketers are finding new and better ways to present data to make it more visually appealing—and this data visualization strategy is invaluable to content marketing approaches because it makes the data easily consumable, notes Tony Adragna in an article in Business 2 Community. Adragna offers some tips to help marketers better use data visualization in their content strategies:

How Puts Analytics in Good Hands

By Ann Scheuerell | Published August 20th, 2015

The right data can help nonprofits in two major ways. It can assist with funding by illustrating to people how much help is needed, and it can support developing more effective strategies for achieving goals. “At, we’re working on making enterprise-scale problem-solving accessible to nonprofits. When a solution is easy to use and flexible, it can have transformational power,” says Stefan Heeke, executive director.

Big Data’s Companion: Wide Data

By Spotfire Blogging Team | Published August 19th, 2015

If you’ve worked with Big Data and analytics for long, you’re probably aware of the challenges of mixing structured and unstructured data. However, there are powerful insights that can be gathered when mixing these two types of data—sometimes called Wide Data.

The Value of Big Data Analytics in the Oilfield

By Daniel Smith | Published August 17th, 2015

By Daniel Smith, Director, Data Science & Innovation, Syntelli Solutions

Yakult’s New Product Sales in the Netherlands Increase 15 to 20% with Spotfire

By Ann Scheuerell | Published August 13th, 2015

Yakult is the world’s leading probiotic beverage, created in Japan and produced by Yakult Honsha, the world’s pioneer in probiotics. In the first few years after Yakult came to Europe, sales grew steadily. But suddenly, after competitors began to enter the market, something surprising happened. “We had an extraordinary sales increase, especially in the Netherlands,” says Yakult Market Analyst Egbert Jan Vierkant.