Introduction to Spark, Featuring InsideBIGDATA’s Daniel Gutierrez

By Spotfire Blogging Team | Published November 12th, 2015

In the past year, big data players have increasingly adopted the Apache Spark distributed computing architecture. This growth has been fueled by several innovative differentiators for big data applications, such as MapReduce 2.0 (or YARN), provisions for analytic workflows, and efficient use of memory.

Ignite Hires Spotfire to Find Revenue Opportunities, Efficiencies

By Ann Scheuerell | Published November 11th, 2015

Ignite is the innovation lab for Adecco, the world’s largest staffing company. Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, the small company of 25 (including dog Boston) is laser focused on changing the way people find work.

Democratizing Big Data with Interactive Visual Analytics

By Spotfire Blogging Team | Published November 9th, 2015

Decision-makers and knowledge workers alike are constantly challenged with complex business problems. Most of these challenges emanate from the fact that we live in a world mired with data and little direction on how to best leverage that data and derive value from it. Fortunately, there are analytic technologies that offer capabilities such as ad-hoc interactivity, intuitive interfaces, data visualization, and even machine learning to tackle these complexities head on.  More than ever, business users are empowered to interact directly with their data, identify patterns, and ultimately better understand the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ to make educated decisions.

Extracting More Value from Data in Your Data Warehouse: See TIBCO Spotfire & Live Datamart in Action

By Sachi Sawamura | Published November 5th, 2015

In his blog, Do You Know the Differences between a Data Warehouse and a Live Datamart, Kai Waehner illustrated that the former stores historical business data for reporting, analysis, and data discovery whereas the latter leverages live operational data in real time. These two domains and/or IT tools are therefore not mutually exclusive. In fact, one can augment the other and vice versa, if implemented properly, and drive your overall BI initiatives to the next level.

Making Advanced Analytics Work for Your Organization

By Spotfire Blogging Team | Published November 4th, 2015

Big data and analytics continue to generate lots of interest among senior executives who see the potential to use data-driven insights to transform the way they do business and gain a competitive edge. Over the past year, the number of organizations that have deployed data-driven projects has jumped by 125%, according to The 2015 Big Data and Analytics study by IDG Enterprise.

How to Navigate Big Data with Ad Hoc Visual Discovery

By Spotfire Blogging Team | Published November 2nd, 2015

Now, a well-known fact is that big data can provide big value to any business. However, to glean insights from so many new sources of information, organizations need a novel set of techniques and technologies.