Digital Business—Joined Up, Not Pulled Apart

By Maurizio Canton | Published May 2nd, 2016

We’ve all heard, read and talked about what Gartner refers to as the “digitalization” of business, where enterprises seek to adapt not just their IT, but also their business models and processes, to suit a world increasingly doing business online. It’s been a hot topic for some time and is gaining even greater traction as CEOs and CIOs alike wake up to the benefits of this kind of digital transformation.

Automation Relations: A Workforce Less Human?

By TIBCO Staff | Published April 29th, 2016

Along with big data, automation is one of the biggest buzzwords in technology. How do companies effectively implement automated processes? More importantly, how do they differentiate between actions which add significant value to their organization and automatic additions which are effectively busy-work with a big price tag? And amid large-scale corporate change, what’s next for employees—is the future a workforce less human?

10 Questions With Team TIBCO-SVB: Kendall Ryan

By Chelsea Lorenzen | Published April 28th, 2016

Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank recently rode by the TIBCO offices in Palo Alto for a visit. This group of elite athletes is a UCI professional women’s cycling team focused on finding and developing the next generation of Olympic contenders, with more than 480 lifetime team wins. We spent 10 minutes with each of the nine fabulous riders to learn about their favorite places to ride, how they use data in their training, and more.

A Process-oholic’s Guide to TIBCO NOW

By Rachel Brennan | Published April 27th, 2016

Earlier this year I came out as a Process-oholic and made some resolutions for 2016:

Creating and Deploying a Docker Image

By Brad Tinder | Published April 26th, 2016

docker-imageIn my last blog post, I introduced Docker and all of the potential it gives you to manage your DevOps infrastructure. In this post, I’m going to get a bit more hands on and show you how easy it is to setup an application, create a Docker image of it, and then how to deploy it to as many servers or Docker instances as you like!

CEM Top Ten #6: Creativity and Innovation Are Not in a Battle with Data and Analytics

By David Rosen | Published April 26th, 2016
Data and analytics allow each element of marketing capability to thrive.

In this era of digital transformation, there has been a lot of discussion about the role of traditional brand marketing in today’s organizations. Lists of “most important skills for marketers” routinely rank skills like big data, data analytics, data visualization, predictive targeting, mobile technology, coding, and UI expertise at or near the top for both new college graduates and CMOs.